Despistado released their first EP, The Emergency Response, in 2002; it was subsequently re-released in 2004 on Jade Tree Records.[1] Widely hyped as a "next big thing", the band's single "A Stirstick's Prediction" was used in a commercial for T-Mobile.[3] Their full-length album The People of and Their Verses, completed before the band's first breakup, was subsequently released on Jade Tree in 2005.[1] The band undertook a brief reunion tour in 2009.[1] They again reunited in 2013 for a tour of Western Canada,[1] performing some new material during the latter tour and filming a documentary entitled "The Memory of This History".[1]The band performed in 2015 as well and have started writing and recording new music with plans to record and release a new album in 2016. 


Front Voice, Guitar / Dagan Harding
Back Voice, Bass / Joel Passmore

Guitar / Leif Thorseth
Drums / Chris Dimas